My black is beautiful

My Black, and yours too, is definitely beautiful!

my eclectic musings

One thing Bangladesh has made me realise is that I LOVE my black skin. It’s nothing new to me to see beauty being defined by complexion. The fairer you are the more beautiful you are deemed to be.

My first encounter with this attitude was subtle. We had to get ID photos taken and when I received my photos back I hardly recognised myself. The photos were set out on a table for us to pick up and despite being the only black person in the group it took me a while to identify mine. It seems the photographer had taken it upon himself to make me ‘beautiful’. My skin was lightened and blemishes on my face removed – at first I found it comical and I was bemused, then I became very angry. Firstly, I thought the whole point of an ID photo is that it should reflect you full…

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