Post-Quarantine List

While there are a number of reasons to stay positive within the current lock down situation, there are many reasons to await its end.

Also, different life circumstances mean whilst some can use this time wholesomely, others are being crushed by it.

In order to keep hope alive I started working on a to-do list. This list contains a few activities I look forward to once we are all set free.

The thing about being on lock down is I suddenly want to do things like take photography lessons, which I have never really been interested in. It is giving new dreams and hopes, big and small!

  1. Hug my family tight when I first see them again.
  2. Re-learn how to drive funny story, I learnt to drive 11 years ago and then forgot how to….
  3. Perfect my swimming skills
  4. Take photography classes
  5. Have a picnic
  6. Continue Salsa classes
  7. And of course, TRAVEL! Thinking maybe North Macedonia or Portugal 🤔✈️💭

So that is my abridged list, what are you dreaming of doing once movement and social gatherings are back to normal?


One thought on “Post-Quarantine List

  1. Josh says:

    Beautiful write up.. Funny thing is none of my list has been ticked post the lockdown due to work and other activity which was definitely not on my list before the lockdown. Things just spring up from no Hope I get to do the someday.

    And I hope you’ve got your list ticked also.


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